Do you put stickers on your laptop?

I’ve always been jealous of all the cool stickers and stuff developers have on their laptops. As an SE, I never felt like I could put stickers on my laptop because of onsite demos. One of my rules about demoing is to eliminate as many distractions as possible so your audience is not thinking about […]

Dedicated demo browser?

I recently did a poll asking if you use a dedicated demo browser or not. We received 286 votes! As you can see here it’s a pretty close split, 52% yes and 48% no. Thank you to everyone who voted! I have always used a dedicated demo browser (really a different chrome profile) for my demos.  Here’s why: […]

This is why your demos suck.

Admin accounts: Your demos suck because you demo out of the admin account. No one wants to see 20 options when they will only ever use 3. Not only is it lazy, it’s confusing. What percentage of the audience is ever going to login as an admin? Logging in and out: Your demos suck because you log […]



Watch Chris walkthrough the demostory browser!

Mining for stories

Where did all the stories go? I’ve got stories for days….. You’ve got to know your product and be able to teach it, “If you want to master something, teach it.” – Richard Feynman. There are always opportunities internally to teach, and learn. All you need to do is ask. Go ask!  SE’s should be using the tool […]