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Eliminate the need to log in and out, jump between browser windows, and save the entire demo! 

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Julie Mall, Global Director, Solutions Consulting at Elastic Path

“ The browser purpose-built for telling amazing stories through your demo. Never again hear feedback from a prospect that sounds like… ‘your product seems great, but I have a little trouble following what you were doing.'”

Demostory is a browser built on the Chrome platform that incorporates all of the best technical features that aid the live demo experience.

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Built by Sales Engineers for Live Demos

Save, Share, and Launch Demo Setups

Save different demo setups as shortcuts and launch with one click. The demostory browser will save your entire demo including tab colors, tab names, order, urls, usernames and passwords.


Edit tab names and colors to provide visual cues to your audience. Make it easy to follow along.

Session Management

Each new tab can be its own session allowing you to be logged into the same instance of your product with multiple users all in the same browser window. No more switching browser, logging in and out, or demoing from admin accounts.

Build demos. Tell Stories!

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Each tab is like its own browser allowing you to be logged in as different user accounts in the same browser window


Tab Edits

Set tab names and colors to provide context to your audience


Save and Launch

Build and save multiple demos. Launch in 1 click!


Built on Chrome

No training needed and compatible with your product