What to Expect from Using Demostory? – 4 Top-Tier Features

As part of the sales team, you know how crucial the product demo is for your sales performance. A product demo allows you to showcase to your prospects a realistic representation of what your product can do, what it offers, and how it can solve pain points. Ultimately, it helps you to guide your prospects down the sales funnel.


However, preparing and executing a demo often comes with a lot of challenges as well as limitations. This matter can reduce your chances of convincing prospects and closing a deal. Good thing that a web-based demonstration software like Demostory can help you alleviate any issues with your demos.


In this blog, we will introduce to you and unravel its best features – including some helpful insights about upgrading your demos and, lastly, how beneficial Demostory is for your sales team.


But How do we Determine that a Demo Upgrade is Needed?


As you deliver a demo, you may find yourself trying to figure out what to do next. And you may be asking your prospects for some understanding of how the demo goes. In short, the demo could be better, and there are a lot of parts that need to be included.


Every time you give an excuse, know that it resulted in doubts on your prospect’s part. They may start wondering about your capacity to deliver a demo and the effectiveness of the product you are offering. Even worse, the more doubt there is, the more likely you will lose the deal. 


Is the situation familiar to you? Have you been situated in these many times? If your answer is yes, it is time to level up your product demo and take on a new approach. 

Now, let’s go over the next section.


How Demostory Helps Your Sales Team?


1. Demo preparation

We guess that you have probably created a lot of product demos already. From there, you made sure your demo explained your product’s key features and benefits. However, that is just a bare minimum. 


If you want better results with your software demo presentation, you must delve deeper and set clear objectives. Therefore, start by defining what you hope to achieve instead of preparing product demonstrations and waiting to see how it works. 


With this consideration, Demostory is helping sales teams showcase demos with the following critical questions that help to discover:


  • Who will use the product?
  • What can your product do differently, or what unique features it has?
  • How can these features benefit your potential customers?
  • · What kind of results do your prospects expect?


These questions are designed to spark your prospects’ curiosity and increase engagement. If you want, you can add more open-ended sales questions to get your prospects talking to you.


2. Personalization

Due to the increasing competition in the market, consumer decision is driven by more than just product features. So, even if your product is rich with amazing features, it is not guaranteed to lead in the market. Know that one of the most important elements of strategizing a winning product demo is aligning it with your prospect’s pain points and positioning your software as the best solution. So, if you are using a limited and restricted demo space, it is impossible for you to align the most important aspects.


This is where Demostory does its thing and crushes the entire competition. With a lot more emphasis on personalization and versatility, this demo tool allows you to personalize your software sales presentation. Not only can you address pain points properly or showcase the best features of your product, you can also give your prospects the best demo experience. 


Demostory offers a more personalized and interactive experience during the live demo that impress your prospects – resulting in more close deals and win rates!


3. Streamline the sales process

The sales process is one of the most important aspects that your sales team should focus on. It is vital for it will be the benchmark of whether you will gain prospects and sales. Every part of the sales process matters, one of which is your product demo. The demo plays a huge role in delivering what your prospects expect from your product and whether they will become your customer.


With Demostory, you can take a unique approach when delivering your demos. It has top-tier features that showcase the best parts of your product, which your prospects are eyeing. But to put it simply, what Demostory does to your demos is equally impactful to your overall sales process – it streamlines and restructures for a better and flawless demo experience. 


4. Proof

Demostory, with its flexibility and personalization features, as mentioned above, provides concrete proof of how great your product is. You can get your prospects on a tour of your product, showcase its best features and demonstrate how useful it is in resolving pain points. 


When your prospect can see in their own eyes how your software works, trust will form and will continue to build up. Before you know it, people will most likely become paying customers as they gain confidence in your product. 


Only with Demostory can you provide solid proof of how useful and amazing your product is in a more personalized way. Ultimately, it makes the overall demo experience close to the experience.


What Demostory Offers?


With the goal to deliver a perfect live demo to your prospects, close more deals, and increase rates, helps you achieve all of these as it offers everything you need to execute a demo effortlessly.


Check out its four key features:


  • Multi-session: You can log in to multiple instances with the same application with this demo software. In addition, you can switch between users if you want and bounce into different personas without making it hard for your prospects to catch up. Multi-session is one of the best features of our software, and one of the goals is not to make the live demos complicated but easier and seamless.
  • Tab Edits: You can frequently set a customizable browser tab and pick specific colors. In short, it offers customization that makes the demo perfectly tailored and seamless.  
  • Built on Chrome: Demostory is specifically built on Chrome, which ensures flexibility and compatibility with any application. 
  • Save and Launch: You can launch your demo in one click! But before launching, you can build and save these demos and use them when it is time.


Build Powerful Interactive Live Demos with


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