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Top 6 Reasons Why Do You Need to Invest in a Demo Experience Platform

We are guessing that the normal flow of your product demo presentation looks like this: you have a prospect interested in your product, and a demo is to be scheduled immediately. During the demo, you find out your prospect’s business, determine their major pain points, and showcase the best features of your product.

The flow has always been the same and is proven to be very effective at moving your prospects through the sales funnel. However, in some cases, this strategy may need to be solid to stand out amongst your competition. To separate yourself and stay on top of your prospect’s mind, you must showcase your product most strikingly.

This is where a great demo experience enters the flow. In this blog, you will learn what a demo experience platform is, the one issue you usually deal with in your demos, and the top reasons why investing in a demo tool is crucial for your business.


But What Demo Experience Platform Is?


A demo experience platform is a browser built specifically for product demonstrations. It ensures the flawless and seamless flow of your demo, where you can best highlight the top features of your product. A demo experience platform benefits you and your sales team, especially when tailoring an immersive demo story and proving that your product is the best solution to solve your prospect’s problems.


The Problem with Your Product Demos


Let’s say your sales team works hard to bring in ready-to-purchase and qualified prospects who want to experience the “AHA” moment in your product. However, your demos can be lacking in terms of value story – one factor in easily converting your prospects into customers. 

The product demo you will deliver is a crucial moment that builds your product as the top choice, yet your sales team is not doing their best. So, guide them more to successfully showcase how your software can solve your target audience’s case, making your product the clear winner.

And to truly be inspired, your prospects should see, experience, and feel the great value that only your demo experience platform can provide. 

In the next section, we will cite the benefits of using demo tools for your software demo presentation. Read further.


Investing in a Demo Experience Platform is the Real Deal


You can level up your product demo if you plug the demo experience platform into your tool stack. Here we will show you why investing in web-based demonstration software is a great decision. 


1. Gives personalized experience of the product

What your prospects need before availing of your product is an insightful and clear explanation of your offer’s value and features. It does not make sense not to use the old-fashioned way of doing demo presentations because doing so will affect the conversion rates.

Only with a demo experience platform can you deliver a personalized and interactive demo that allows the prospects to explore your software and know the benefits they get from it. Also, only this way can they make more informed purchasing decisions because they truly understand now the value of your software solution.


2. Convince your prospects

When your prospects see your software in action and witness how their pain points are being solved, they will most likely convert and become a paying customer. A demo experience platform will help convince your prospects to invest in your software. 

Not only can you convince your prospects easily, but you can also combat their concerns. Your prospects often come with initial notions and misconceptions from what they heard from the marketplace and your competitors. But don’t worry because whatever questions and concerns they throw about your product, your demo experience platform can ease the issues.

With this demo software, you can best highlight the top features of your product and provide solid proof of how it all works. Again, you not only convince prospects about your product, but you also satisfy them with your demo.


3. Boost sales efficiency

Know that only some of your prospects are similar to one another, and they have different pain points, needs, and expectations for what you offer. That is why your efforts will result in nothing if you use the same template for all your prospects during the demo. 

Use a demo experience platform to make the overall process a piece of the cake. In fact, one of the leading software demonstration tools,, allows you to create multiple demos for different use cases and personas. Multi-session is one of its top features, where you can log in to different accounts and switch to many users using only the same browser. 

Only with can you best present an engaging product demo that draws attention to your prospects without messing up!


4. Eliminate common issues with buying

A demo tool helps you eliminate some common issues with buying. For example, if your prospect doesn’t have an idea of how your product works, they will not purchase what you offer. In addition, using the demo allows your prospect to interact with your software in the most effective ways, allowing them to weigh its benefits and see if it fits their needs. Your prospects will also understand the value of your product’s price tag even better.


5. Personalize your product demo

Personalization helps craft the right message to your prospects, making them feel connected to you during the demo. When you use an online software demo like, you can take advantage of multiple features to make it more than just a demo. has top-tier features, from multi-session to building multiple live demos and launching them in one click! It has amazing customizable browser tabs where you can set names and colors of your choice. You can logged-in many times using the same browser and switch to different users – without messing up the flow of your demo and confusing your prospect. 

You can never go wrong with when it comes to personalization.


6. Provides proof

The top benefit of investing in a demo platform tool is the ability to provide proof of your claims. You can provide your product details or show your prospects pictures and screenshots. However, prospects expect solid proof and see how your product works first-hand.

With a demo experience platform, you can let your prospects witness how your product does wonders, and they will experience a more personalized demo experience in the platform. By the end of the demo, many prospects will turn into new clients because they are fully convinced that the product you offer delivers what it promises. – One-Stop Interactive Demo Software Solution


In the previous section, we laid down all the reasons why you have to invest in a demo experience platform. Now, all you have to do next is look for the best demo software to help you deliver a polished product demonstration. The challenge you will going to face here is that you have a ton of options. 


But know that only one is the leading solution for product demos – is a browser directly built on the Chrome platform and packed with top-tier technical features, helping you host an excellent live demo experience. It has everything you need to deliver flawless live demos. It streamlines your sales process, customizes your demos, and helps you build trust and connect more with your prospects.

If you want to build demos and tell stories, is the right solution. 

Get started with a 30-day free trial and see how it works. No credit card is required.