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My Mom Can Demo Better Than You

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My mom can barely use a computer but she can demo better than you! 

During covid my mom started posting cooking videos on youtube. I was so surprised by how similar our presentation styles were that I shared one with my company chat saying, “If you wanna see where I learned to demo, watch this”

So what makes her good at giving demos? It’s her little stories that explain the ‘why’.

Almost everyone who watched the first video made the same comment about her measuring trick. I’ll summarize it but if you want to see a master at work, watch it, the whole thing – see 46 sec to 1:43 minute mark here: 

She explains when adding ingredients to the bowl of flour, she puts each in a separate ‘corner’ in order to keep track of what was already added. Then, she gives a real-world example of why you might forget (getting distracted by the kids). She is teaching you how to make bread but there is a lesson or a ‘feature’ you can use no matter what you are baking. At first you might have thought.“I won’t forget, I don’t need to do that.” or “That feature won’t help me since I don’t have that problem.” But that didn’t happen because of the example she gave. Instead of thinking if that ‘feature’ would help, you’re thinking where else you could use it and how else that tip, feature or software might solve other problems. That’s why stories matter! Don’t make your audience think about whether or not a feature will help them-tell them how it solves their problem and why it matters.

Before covid my mom taught in person cooking classes. She is an expert at giving live presentations. She can barely use a computer, but she can demo better than you 🙂


To be a great SE you need to be able to get in front of people with no fear, control the room, and keep everyone engaged. It’s not something you learn overnight, but the more you do it, the better you get! Telling stories to my friends is how I really got started. I even did a little stand up. If people listen to your whole story, ask you to tell it again, or say, “Chris you tell it, you’re better”, you’re moving in the right direction.

Remember: Features and functions are boring. Tell stories!

Thanks for listening to stories with Chris. Love you Mom!


Here are some stories and storytellers I love. We can all learn alot from them.

In My Blue and White Kitchen – Carol Colburn

Name of the wind – Patrick Rothfuss

Way of Kings – Brandon Sanderson

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

The Tennessee Kid – Nate Bargatze