This is why your demos suck.

  1. Admin accounts: Your demos suck because you demo out of the admin account. No one wants to see 20 options when they will only ever use 3. Not only is it lazy, it’s confusing. What percentage of the audience is ever going to login as an admin?
  2. Logging in and out: Your demos suck because you log in and out. Can you waste more of my time? Wait, what are you doing? I was looking at my phone.
  3. Who are you logged in as again? Your demos suck because I cannot follow who you are. Are you a customer, support rep, or manager? I cannot remember. 
  4. Incognito mode: Your demos suck because you use incognito mode. We all know what incognito mode is used for and it’s not selling software!
  5. Bookmark bar: Your demos suck because I can see your bookmark bar. If I’m wondering where you are going on vacation I am not following your demo. 
  6. Slide decks: Your demos suck because you use slide decks too much. If the software is that compelling, why do you need to explain it to me with a slide deck? I want to see the car, not a brochure. 
  7. Videos: Your demo sucks because you are showing me a video instead of doing a demo. Do you smell that? It smells like vaporware. 
  8. Different windows: Your demos suck because you are jumping between different browser windows. Wow that looks complicated, what are you even doing? This seems hard.

How happy is sales leadership with your demos? 

What could you be doing to make them better? 

What is your competition doing?