Maximizing Efficiency in Product Demos with Demostory Browser

Maximizing Efficiency in Product Demos with Demostory: A Comprehensive Walkthrough

We will take a closer look at the Demostory browser and see how it can help you with your persona-based demos and all your demo staging needs. Additionally, we will also explore the ability to save and share demos with your colleagues.

The Multi-Session Browser

The Demostory is a multi-session browser built on top of the open-source version of Chrome. This means that each new tab is its own session, similar to a new incognito mode window, a new Chrome profile, or a completely separate different browser window. This allows you to easily switch between different users within the same browser window, eliminating the need to log in and out or switch between windows. This makes it easy for your audience to follow along with your demos and eliminates any confusion or distraction caused by logging in and out of different accounts.

Tab Editing

Another feature of the Demostory is the ability to edit the tab names. This is an important feature that allows your audience to easily follow along with your demos. By giving them visual cues, you can help them stay engaged and keep track of the different users and roles that you are switching between. This can be especially useful when you are doing role-based demos, such as showing the approval process in an enterprise software.

Real-Time Collaboration

The Demostory also allows you to collaborate in real time with your colleagues. This means that you can easily send messages and comments between different users and see updates in real time. This allows you to do any type of approval or role-based style demo without the need for admin accounts. This eliminates the need to explain to your audience that they have fewer options or that they won’t be able to see certain features, which can distract from your actual demo.

Saving and Sharing Demos

Once you have built your demo, you can easily save it as a shortcut, and this allows you to launch the demo again later with just a couple of clicks. Additionally, you can also export your entire demo setup and share it with your colleagues. This is useful if you want to share demos that you built internally with your pre-sales or sales engineer team. This can free up time for your sales engineer team and allow them to focus on more important tasks.


In conclusion, Demostory is a powerful tool that can help you create more effective demos and improve collaboration with your colleagues. With the ability to create multiple sessions within the same browser window, edit tab names, collaborate in real-time, and save and share demos, the Demostory can help you build demos that tell stories and engage your audience.

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