Product Demo Presentation

How to Improve Your Overall Product Demo Presentation and Increase Conversions?

In the SaaS world, virtual product demos are a normal thing for day-to-day work. But the majority do not know how to execute a great demo. How is your Sales rep team? Are they even confident in their demo and sales skills? The thing is, there are a lot of ways to improve virtual product demo meetings further to increase your conversion rates.

You can enhance your live demos by honing a few basic but important steps and using the right interactive demo software, which we will also explain below. But let’s cover first some actionable tips for creating SaaS demos that convince your prospects.


1. Make sure to prepare

You will be amazed to discover how many sales reps think they can wing it when it comes to their product demos. It is easier said than done. But only a solid preparation can make you perfect your overall demo and increase conversions.

Never performed a demo without a clear plan. Allow time for questions, small talk, and discussing the next steps with your prospects. You also have to ensure you are equipped with the right technologies and tools to make the entire demo smooth. At a minimum, you must have:

  • A way to record the demo so you and your prospect can refer back to it later.
  • A web-based demonstration software that aids in delivering a great live demo.
  • A good quality microphone and headset
  • A solid internet connection


2. Focus on the value instead of the features

Here is something about your product demo that may surprise you – it is not actually about your SaaS products. In actuality, it is centered on your prospects. The most common mistake sales rep often commits to showing off the product’s features instead of focusing on the benefits it brings.

So, it is clear to forget all your product’s best features and awesome. You should focus more on understanding your prospect’s problems and pain points. Once determine the pain points, you can focus on the few product features that can directly address those issues and center your demo on those.

3. Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Do you think you can develop a great product demo presentation and use it again with all of your prospects? If that’s what you think, you are making a huge mistake that can negatively affect your conversions. Nothing in sales can ever be generic. Your prospects expect a more personalized and interactive experience, and it is your job to provide for it.

We already mentioned the importance of focusing on the many benefits of your product and demonstrating how it can solve your prospect’s particular pain points. Below are some helpful ways to better personalize a live product demo:

4. Ensure the follow-up stage

Most demo meetings usually do not end in an immediate conversion, and your prospect might need more time to think before purchasing your SaaS solutions. Know that many sales reps conduct a great live demo but still cannot close the deal because of one thing – they did not follow up.

Make sure to follow up and give your prospects a clear idea of the next steps. Whatever you will do, never leave things hanging. If you do, your leads will most likely forget the overall demo, which increases the likelihood of your competitors stealing your prospects from you.

A timely follow-up stage can make a huge difference between a sale and failing to do so.

5. Use the best demonstration software

Almost every single SaaS company is now taking advantage of demonstration tools. You are absolutely left behind if you are not incorporating the latest tools and techniques into your sales process. Start revolutionizing your overall demo process and personalizing the experience for your prospects using – the perfect online demonstration software for you and your sales team.

We will discuss more of this demo software later in the latter section.

6. Showcase your business values

Reinforcing business value in the entire demo process is crucial. While the focus most of the time during the demo is either your prospect’s pain points or the product’s features, the business value should be put up as well. Make sure to weave this subject while demoing and justify it accordingly.

Business values represent your company’s best standards. Make sure that all your demos show off business values and business outcome elements that are crucial to your sales team’s emphasis.

7. Provide background

As a sales rep, gaining the trust of your prospects is a crucial element of getting more conversions and closing deals. To do this, you must provide some background details about your company, establishing your company as an innovative and reputable potential partner for the prospects.

The key here is to avoid unnecessary babble and integrate particular facts about your company and the products you offer.

8. Be Adaptable

The product demo steps are somehow like an adaptable script you can always refer to and pull from to ensure you provide your prospects with a consistent, personalized, and professional demo experience. Being adaptable means:

  • You make sure you run through different situations regarding the many reasons your prospects may need your SaaS solutions and how they can solve their major pain points.
  • You review some possible questions your prospects may ask to be more ready to provide helpful, quick, and impactful responses.
  • You meet your prospects exactly where they are to show your support, commitment, and flexibility.

Always remember that every prospect and interaction with them is unique. Therefore, always be prepared to adapt your product demos as needed.

9. Include real data

Know that data speaks volumes about your services and products and can impact your prospects significantly. So, ensure to include real data since it is also crucial in your sales process. Moreover, having the right data is one factor in improving conversions. Your prospects will ask for more details about your company and services, especially during the demo. Hence, the more integrity you have with your data, the most likely they trust your company, or in this case, your SaaS solutions.


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