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How to Deliver a Great SaaS Product Demo?

You know how product demos are a huge deal, especially when it comes to SaaS products. A product demo is one critical step in the sales presentation strategies. It will be the first time your prospects see and learn more about your products. And as a SaaS sales rep, if your product demos are perfectly delivered, it goes a long way with your prospect’s purchasing decision.

Your product demo should focus on your prospect’s pain and offer solutions that work well with them. But how can you exactly give a great SaaS product demo that can strongly convince your prospects? This blog will help you understand why product demos are so important in your sales process and how you can deliver a great product demo for your SaaS products.


Why are Product Demos Important in the SaaS Sales Process?


We mentioned that a product demo is a critical step in the sales process, and it is true to its sense. In fact, a personalized and greatly delivered product demo is a good investment that can reward you by turning a prospect into a customer. There are a lot of advantages of a product demo in the sales process.

  • Showcase how your SaaS products work
  • Explain product components and features
  • Increase product awareness
  • Increased customer interaction
  • Improve sales demonstration
  • Answer customer queries
  • Increased prospect interaction


Tips on Delivering a Winning Product Demo


1. Set the Stage

Go pull up your screen. Ensure that it is clean and compact, with no random tabs and notifications or anything that can distract your prospects. Orient them carefully to what they see on the screen. If you fail to orient or discuss them, they will be distracted for sure. Once again, your screen has to look organized every single time, with no unnecessary tabs opening. Only a web-based demonstration software can help you eliminate as many distractions as possible, allowing you to close as many tabs as you want.

2. Focus more on pain points

Most common sales strategies start off with setting the stage for yourself. Have you introduced yourself so much during the demo? Prospects do not care about that anymore. The internet has vast information to learn more about you. Solving the problems is what matters now to your prospects.

You need to give importance to your prospect’s pain points. Discover the issues they are constantly facing. So, instead of showing some fifty slides of your sales deck, focus only on the three most significant portions of your solution, emphasizing its main features of it. 

3. Show Your Solution in your Prospect’s Context

When you demo a feature, try to speak slowly. Humanize your product demo as much as you can. Involved the target prospects as much as you could. Ensure they are part of it and have initial access to the SaaS product.

Also, give room for questions. Ask your prospect what they want. Do not try to patronize them. Remember, the demo is never about you but your prospect. Some of the questions you must ask are:

  • What pushes them to sign up for a demo?
  • What other competitors are they assessing?
  • What are the things they expect from your product?
  • How are they presently dealing with their pain points?

Always encourage your prospect to find out why that particular process is designed that way. Armed with a better context, you can constantly personalize or humanize your product demo to hone in on some key aspects of your SaaS product that will resonate most with your prospect.

4. Use Interactive demo software 

One of the most overlooked parts of a product demo is the software to use that can help you increase your demo effectiveness. With software for your demo, you can walk your prospect through the platform at a higher level. You can show off the product’s most important features within minutes, making it easier for your prospects to see how they can integrate this software with their team and customers.

Performing different integrations using this demo software can be easier too. Ultimately, this software helps you close more sales and deals with your prospect and, most importantly, build a more loyal customer base.

5. Do not follow scripts, instead tell use cases

Again, the demo is not about you. It is about your prospect and their concerns and the solutions you offer. The point is you can talk less. To supplement the point of talking less, you can make your SaaS product script sound less generic is to showing use-case stories with your prospect. With use-cases, you can effectively captivate and involve your prospect with a personal story of how one of your clients achieved success with your product.

6. Agree on the next steps

The biggest killer of product demo deals is time. Over time, every deal will be subject to inertia. To keep your momentum going, you must build your next steps with your prospects. So, it means a “We will go back to you when we are ready” is not an answer you must accept as a sales representative. Whether it is setting up a pricing call, agreeing to respond to feedback, or looping in your success team, you must establish solid next steps with your prospect.


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Nothing is even worse during a demo than not being able to discuss your product with your prospects properly. Whether it is about a technical aspect of your product, or the product’s effectiveness to solve their problems, as a sales representative, you need to be equipped with all the knowledge you need to close the deals.

That’s where top solutions like come in to deliver you and your sales team instant access to browser-built within the Chrome platform. This browser extension ensures you and your team can quickly and interactively access all sales materials while having a demo with a prospect. The best thing about this product demo software is that it has all you need to expand your SaaS product demo effectiveness.