When building a demo around a specific feature or task, I start by doing it a few times and really understand how it works. From there I “cut the fat”- identify which steps to through quickly or skip altogether. An audience might give you their attention but YOU have to keep it. 


I used to demo a product where one user completed a form and another reviewed it. NO ONE wants to watch you fill out a form.

To make the story flow I showed a slightly different version of the form in each step of the process, a strategy I’ve heard called a ‘cooking show demo’, which is a great way to explain it.


  1. Show the user opening the form and answering 1-2 questions (a new form each time but I answered it the same way)
  2. Show the form completed but not submitted (the same form each time but pretend to click submit)
  3. Show the submitted form (the same form each time but completed and submitted so they see the outcome) 


Filling out a form or showing the 4th approval is a great way to lose your audience’s attention so always try to cut the fat!