Are Product Demos Really Beneficial for Your SaaS Sales?

When it comes to increasing your SaaS sales, a well-executed product demo is one deciding factor in getting and closing the deal. Moreover, product demos offer valuable insights to your prospects, helping you to stand out from the ongoing competition. In addition, it gives your prospects the opportunity to witness what your SaaS products do for them, how it is easier to deploy in various scenarios, and how each feature works individually.

Pre-recorded demos, live demos, and real-use demos are some of the most common daily tactics of SaaS companies. However, this 2022, everyone expects more SaaS product demos. 2022 is nothing but the ultimate age of analytics, personalization, and data. These latest features must be integrated into each aspect of your marketing and sales efforts.

And demos are no exception. But the real question is, are product demos a great idea for SaaS sales? In this blog, we will go over the many benefits and types of product demos that are necessary for sales reps to know.


What are Product Demos Anyway?


Back in the day, product demos were business face-to-face meetings where sales representatives visited the prospect’s office and discussed the product on the spot. Over the years, things began to change, and technologies continuously emerged. The world has become one village, and most SaaS companies started marketing internationally. Expectedly, face-to-face meetings are switched to video conferences via Skype or Zoom, while sales reps manage to do the show and tell from their sharable screen.

But have you heard of a live product demo for SaaS software? This is the newest real thing today. Live product demos are great for any prospect who desires and is curious to see what type of SaaS product they will have before they purchase and commit.

Only a well-executed software demo presentation helps you to show, not tell, the solid value of your SaaS product solution. As you have come to this part, we believe you already have a growing interest in live demos. Here, we show you the pros and cons of SaaS product demos that you should also know firsthand.


  • Clear value proposition
  • Highly customized
  • Somewhat engaging


  • Time-consuming
  • High development costs
  • Possible demo bugs
  • Possible software downtime


Common Types of Product Demos in SaaS


The following stats show a breakdown of the most widely used and common types of product demos:

  • Live demos (70%):There is a very good reason why live demos are widely used and preferred by so many. Live product demos provide a more personalized, interactive, and engaging demo essential for building relationships with the prospects. The secret in here is to focus on the customers 100% of the time.
  • Pre-recorded demo (27%):Pre-recorded demos are typically dull walkthroughs of your SaaS product’s features. Also, it kills the opportunity to brand your prospect’s pain points. Pre-recorded demos do not also hold the prospect’s attention that much, making the entire process blend. Worst, prospects may not be totally engaged and cannot ask questions.

But if there is one single benefit of pre-recorded demos – they do not often require continuous resources and time, making them a subject of repurposing.

  • Real-use demos (3%):The most engaging demos are real-use demos. They can make your prospects feel more involved. These demos are very interactive with your SaaS products which is pretty great. In general, these types of demos are highly customized. Therefore, the results are much pretty good.


Five Key Benefits of Product Demos to Your SaaS Sales


Now, the answer to the question of whether a product demo is really beneficial to your sales process or not is right here. Check out how a product demo can impact your SaaS sales.

  1. Proof that your SaaS products do what it says

A lot of consumers have totally become increasingly skeptical of all claims that are being made in marketing. But still, at the same time, people still want to look for solutions that can help them to fix their problems, helping them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Product demos are super ideal because they provide a live demo of SaaS products, allowing the prospect to peek through its features. Now, this will impact your SaaS sales since the prospect will become more convinced with how the product works, nudging them to buy your SaaS product.

  1. Save sales reps more time and expenses

Adding up the costs of sales reps when it comes to salary, commission, accommodation, travel, and other additional expenses when sending a sales rep to demonstrate a product can be very costly. A product demo combined with web-based demonstration software makes everything seamless and personalized. One tap allows you to share a video link with your prospects anytime and anywhere.

  1. Provide a blueprint on how to demo the SaaS product

Product demos are not essentially an alternative for in-person selling but rather a tool you can use to make demos more scalable and easier. Your product demos can also provide a very useful training tool for your sales team. Your sales reps will fully understand how the SaaS products work, which key benefits have to be focused on during the demo, and what point in the representation they have to be featured.

When demos are easier to prepare, your SaaS sales will be impacted significantly in the most positive way. When the entire demo is executed successfully, your prospects will most likely be enticed by how amazing your products are.

  1. You get valuable feedback

Reviews and feedback are critical to selling and promoting your SaaS products to your interested prospects. And by offering live demos, you can discover what exactly your prospects are looking for. Feedback can affect your sales. The more positive the feedback you receive, the more prospects will contact you, which will become turn into clients. The more leads you have, the greater your sales are.

Feedback is also useful when determining what is wrong and missing to your products. This helps you adjust what you are offering to suit best the goals of your target prospects much better.

Positive reviews and feedback are absolutely critical proof points in SaaS.

  1. Free demos make leads happier

The uncertainties of whether your products will work or not or be fitting for your prospect’s needs may cause friction with your potential clients. Put yourself in their shoes and think about this from their point of view. And if the software does not have a free trial or a free demo, then how your prospects will be going to find out if it works or not. They will not, and for sure, your prospects are not ready to purchase or spend cash on a SaaS product they are unsure of.

Friction stops people from purchasing your software. Therefore, affecting your sales. Only a demo can let your prospects personally experience your SaaS product, giving them the opportunity to explore and allowing them to make a more informed decision.


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