A Guide to Choosing the Right Interactive Demo Software for Your SaaS Products

A Guide to Choosing the Right Interactive Demo Software for Your SaaS Products

Are you struggling to make your SaaS products fly off the shelves? Do you want as many prospects as possible herding to do business with you? Do you want to boost your sales? If your answer is yes, it is clear that you need a better way of showcasing your SaaS products. And one of the best ways to accomplish this is by having the best online software demo at your disposal.

However, you may get overwhelmed by the ocean of software tools on the market that does not exactly work as presented. Beware of the software applications that are not only user-friendly but riddled with bugs and do not work as expected. Those demo tools will cost you additional expenses and prospects.

In this article, we meticulously write a comprehensive guide to help you select the right demo software based on how it meets your needs. Let’s get started.


But What is Demo Software Anyway?


Before exploring what demo software is, you need to understand first the purpose of the product demo presentation. A product demo is a personalized sales presentation of your SaaS products or services. The goal here is to allow your prospects to see how the product works and delivers value firsthand, rather than simply describing it through texts or having someone talk about its features. The product demo is your big opportunity to convince prospects that your SaaS products can overcome their business problems and pain points.

And this is where demo software comes to play. You need this demo tool to deliver a great demo experience for your prospects. Demo software is the trial version of a software program that allows prospects to see all features in a personalized way, helping them decide whether to purchase it.


Essential Features Your Product Demo Software Must Have


Not all demo software tools can serve your needs, and some of the software is too complex and not easy to use, while others are too basic for your needs. So, before investing in any demo software, carefully analyze it. One best way to do this is by simply considering the following features:

1. Personalization

Your demo presentation must mix great storytelling and sleight of the hand. The best demonstration software should empower you to create various scenarios based on what your prospects want to see. Because your prospects will surely have unique pain points and needs, there is no one for all solution for things like this.

Only by using the right product demo software can you easily develop realistic scenarios without being too generic or completely forgetting what elements go into delivering a demo experience memorable for your prospects. It is crucial to select a demo software that will let you personalize and customize the overall demo experience to create a product presentation unique to your target prospects and their needs.

2. Loaded with multiple interactive demo features

If you want to boost your lead-to-sales conversion ratio, your leads or prospects should see the value in your SaaS product. It is a great way to get them to learn more about the SaaS product through a demo where they can interact with it directly and try it firsthand.

If your prospects experience the quality and value of your products firsthand, they will never forget the overall personalized experienced. So, go for an interactive sales demo software that enables you to develop an immersive experience for your prospects where they can be hands-on with your product.

3. An all-in-one platform that is intuitive and simple to use

A seamless and unified interface is a crucial feature of your chosen cloud demo software since your sales reps and prospects will use it. And your goal is to ensure ease of use for your prospects as much as possible. With a seamless interface, you can also make it easier for your sales reps to develop a more visually appealing demo presentation than a simple text list of features. This allows your team to present your SaaS products in the best light possible.

4. Integration friendly

When you choose a demo software that offers integration, you can easily use advanced tools to expand your connectivity and data flow across different tools. It helps when apps have tools that allow you to create a personalized demo without mixing up the overall data or workflow with whatever your prospects want from you.

Know that integration is an important feature for all types of business. When a demo software can integrate workflow and data across channels and platforms, your prospects can access more information about their preferences and needs. This can help you better understand what they want from you and how they want it delivered.

5. Usage stats and data analytics

With the right sales demo software, you can learn more about your target prospect’s usage habits, track engagement, and identify areas that require further improvement. Some examples of this may include:

  • What features do prospects use most often?
  • What are the most common uses of your SaaS product?
  • How often do prospects use the demo software, and what are the ways it helps them in the workflow?
  • If one thing about the product software can be improved, what will it be?

Gathering this data, you can then determine your prospect’s needs and how you can fulfill them best. This increases their engagement with your software product and the possibility that they will purchase and recommend it to others. 

6. Built-in automation

A very common theme for modern demos is automation. An auto-scheduled demo, for instance, streamlines your overall sales operations and removes the possibility of errors by setting up notifications. Save time by automation your platform to obtain better acquisition rates and client loyalty without losing time to set up.

An automated and well-balanced sales pipeline is essential for any business. And only with the best demonstration software tool in place can you close more deals, lessen costs, and further increase sales efficiency. Therefore, always double-check whether your chosen software has built-in automation features that ease the overall process.

7. Scalability

If you keep on aligning your marketing efforts in the right direction, you will notice that your sales will tremendously increase. It is not just about the number of sales yet also how well you can convert the prospects into customers. Once you populate your sales funnel with the right prospects, you must be able to handle them with ease. If that is the case, your chosen demonstration software tool should help showcase your SaaS software excellently.

The more people are aware of your SaaS products, the easier it is to sell them to a large audience. Therefore, you should have a demo tool that can significantly scale up once you hit the market.


Demostory.io is the Best Fit for Your Business


At last, we have already surfed the essential features you should consider before investing in demonstration software for your business. We hope you get a detailed overview of these features because choosing a demo tool can make or break your business.

If you are still unsure and clueless about which one is the best software tool for your business, look no further than Demostory.ioDemostory.io is a web-based demonstration software that is built on the Chrome platform. It has every feature you need for demo software to help you and your SaaS team deliver a great demo experience for your target prospects.

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