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9 Surefire Ways to Improve Your SaaS Sales Strategy

Are you having real trouble scaling up your SaaS business? Sales presentation strategies and processes play a critical role in your capacity to grow. Without a well-rounded and concrete plan to carry out, growth in your business and boost in your SaaS sales can be really difficult.

In this blog, we will share with some of the best ways that can help you improve your SaaS Sales Strategy. Let’s start off first with some of the common SaaS sales challenges you will possibly deal with that needs to be addressed.

Common SaaS Sales Challenges You Need to Overcome

Things will never be perfect for any business because of the rising challenges and issues. Your SaaS business is not an exception. Look through these challenges and see how you can determine and solve each one.

  • Product issues: If the core product is not satisfactory, even your best sales rep team struggles to get new customers. Make sure your SaaS products are fully functional for the tasks you claim it is useful for. Conduct some research too to make sure your positioning and pricing are competitive too.
  • Customer fit: Searching for the perfect customer fit is not easy. You might offer great SaaS products, but it can be unclear who these products are for. So keep a close eye on your metrics. If it is low, you most likely have a bad customer fit. Changing your marketing and adjusting your customer profile to fix this is necessary.
  • Product demo: When performing a demo for SaaS products, salespeople tend to make it complicated. How’s yours? It is very important that your product demo is easy to set-up and participate in. Keep your demo as simple and interactive as possible. Try out interactive demo software that will forge a better connection between you and your prospects.
  • Lead quality: Your sales reps may not be able to close any deals if all they entertain are low-quality leads. If your lead quality is low, it is typically the result of frail marketing efforts. It can also be the lack of collaboration between you and your team.
  • Rep motivation: Your sales team relies on motivation for performance as much as any other tool. They are not most likely going to do their best if they are not motivated enough. This often requires a combination of concrete incentives and abstract ones. For instance, you can set goals and special privileges for them to make them more motivated.
  • Scaling: The ability to scale is one of the model’s key advantages of SaaS. However, scaling can still be a challenging issue on your sales model. If you happen to rely on individual interaction to close deals with solo subs, you need to hire more salespeople to handle larger lead pools. And you need the best demonstration software to successfully and interactively perform product demos, scaling more of your leads and sales.

How Can You Improve Your SaaS Sales Strategy?


  1. Give a brief but value-centric demo

Arguably, one of the most common mistakes every SaaS company make is giving longer, featured-focused demos to their prospects. Never treat your demos like you are demonstrating a training session. Remember, this is sales. Your main focus needs to be on proving the value of the product to your prospects. You need to position your SaaS product as a solution to their pain points.

And most importantly, always give an outstanding product demo. Only with the use of software demonstration tools can you successfully prove your SaaS products solve your prospect’s main problems.


  1. Continually work to optimize your Email Campaigns

There are actually several assets more valued than a well-optimized email campaign. The majority of prospects will be searching your website and will be going to find it out eventually. In most cases, they will sign up for a free trial and then forget about your company completely after a few hours of signing up.

To keep them coming back, email campaigns have to be there to keep your SaaS products top of their mind. The goal here is to guide your prospects through the process of learning about your software based on the actions they take.


  1. Use Product Demo Tools

Almost all SaaS companies right now are taking advantage of demo software tools. You are left behind if you are not incorporating it yet to your sales presentations. Using demo software tools will help you achieve more personalization to your prospects. Because these are being hosted online through screen share, it only takes a few minutes to set up and you are good to go.


  1. Leverage Social Media

Creating a robust social media strategy is one of the most important things you have to do to gain more customers and regularly interact with prospects. Below is a list of strategies that your SaaS company should adapt:

  • Create a community: The social media platforms nowadays is the new reality. Almost everyone interacts there, including your target audience. This is because these platforms are an incredible tool to initiate two-way communication.
  • Enhance credibility: Social media world is the perfect place to reveal more about your company and your SaaS products. This also included showing the spotlight on your team as well as your company culture.
  • Captivate and retain users: Sharing product tricks and tips make way for you to build your SaaS business as an industry expert. When you are positioning your brand as an expert, it is easier for you to attract your target users.


  1. Never close a Bad Deal

Never entertain or sell your SaaS products to unqualified prospects. While it may be tempting to close out easy deals, the churn costs will outweigh the shorter-term revenue you get. The thing is, whenever you sell to the unqualified prospects, they will never be successful.


  1. Do not give discounts

While discounts are an excellent way to acquire prospects on board, it might cause you more harm than good. That is because they produce predictable revenue almost impossibly. Giving discounts can be bad for your SaaS branding too. Hence, you need to have a strict discount policy and stick with it.


  1. Price for Value, Not Expectations

Nowadays, SaaS prices seem to be dragged down to the bottom. Almost everybody is trying to undercut their competitors. We suggest you should go to the other way, and make your SaaS products as expensive as you can, within reason of course.

Pricing for the value your SaaS product provides not only helps your prospects to see your software as more valuable. They will take you more seriously and most likely integrate your software product into their processes.


  1. Optimize Your Landing Pages

With intense competition nowadays, your landing pages are one of your keys to the sales process. Even the tiniest change can either make or break your performance. Sending your prospects to a certain landing page that isn’t optimized for conversions is obviously a waste of money and nothing more. Below are some of the best ways to enhance your SaaS landing pages that can ultimately affect your sales strategy:

  • Offer above the fold: Almost 85% of landing pages’ visitors will not scroll down to learn more about your SaaS offers. This indicates that it is important to ensure the value proposition, making it above the fold first.
  • Be visual: We process visual info faster than any texts. On your landing pages, the hero section must indicate the latest visual that tells your prospects what your product is all about. Make sure to create a lasting and positive impression with your visual content.
  • Talk benefits: Do not only mention the amazing features of your products. Instead, show your prospects the many benefits they will gain by using your SaaS products.
  • Be consistently clear: Do not write an essay whenever discussing features and benefits on your landing page. You only have a few seconds to gain the attention of your visitors. Therefore, it is crucial to simplify your message and make it crystal clear.


  1. Put customer reviews to work

For sure, you already have a few too many clients today. We suggest you to compile all their reviews for your SaaS products. Positive and genuine customer feedback and testimonials is perfect for convincing visitors to consider trying out your SaaS product. Everyone today is significantly influenced by reading positive product reviews.


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Perfecting your SaaS Sales Strategy is a work in progress, a marathon, and not a sprint. So, always remain patient all throughout the process as you learn more about your target prospects, products, and your sales team. And most importantly, revolutionize the sales experience of your prospects. Impress them with personalized demos.

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