Strong Product Demo

8 Pro Tips on Designing a Strong SaaS Live Demo

It is never easy to distill your SaaS product’s sophisticated features and value into a punchy headline with a few bullet points. And even if you can, describing what your SaaS product does is one thing, and explaining how your product does it.

Almost all SaaS companies today rely on live demos to show prospects how the products work and the valuable features in action. Live product demos emphasize the value of your SaaS product in many ways that texts and static images could never. It shows that a product demo is critical in converting would-be prospects into paying customers.

But the real question is, how can you design a strong product demo? In what way can you get started? All of the answers to questions are all here in this blog.


Why Choose on Live Product/Sales Demo?


A product demo presentation serves as a very effective option for traditional free trials since it allows prospects to explore your software products without getting lost inside them. A product demo creates a strong structure around your prospect’s first experience with your SaaS product’s many features. There are three types of product demos – live demos, pre-recorded demos, and self-service demos. We suggest you focus on live demos.

Speaking of live demos, they are one way for sales representatives to show and tell the real value of the software solution. The live demo stage is the perfect spot to activate sales skills and show off product features to thrill your prospects, nudging them to purchase from you.

Clear value proposition, highly customized, engaging, and interactive, is some of the pros of live demos. That said, choosing a live demo is a great choice to show off what your software solution is capable of.


How to Design a Live SaaS Demo?


Before designing a live demo, know that every SaaS product is different. This means there is no “one-size-fits-all” demonstration template that your sales rep should follow. When you design a demo, it should be unique to your prospects. Here we share some pro tips that a successful live demo shares, actionable and professional tips that you must keep in mind while building your product demo.

1. Prepare your live demo meticulously

The best live demo presentations often come off as smooth and effortless. And it is not because demos are spontaneous. It is quite the opposite. Sales demonstrations are prepared meticulously. And we assume you know that already.

Make sure to prepare demos carefully and thoroughly. In fact, a well-prepared live demo is obvious during the execution. It is fluid and flexible, and while it might be excessively rehearsed, it always shows off as effortless.

2. Design for a quick aha moment

Your product’s most valuable features are called the “Aha Moment”. It is the particular event where the prospect realizes the true value of your SaaS product and understands how your software will resolve their pain points. If you want to emphasize the Aha moment more effortlessly, take advantage of the interactive demo software.

Your demo will not only be great using this demo software, but you can also impress your prospects from the get-go.

3. Use software demonstration tools

Today’s latest technologies have been taking over almost all industries. In the SaaS sector, there is no doubt that technology is becoming the prime. Even in demos, dedicated software can be implemented to deliver one perfectly.

To design a strong live demo for your prospects, incorporate your approach with demo software. The software can help you streamline your sales process, ensuring consistency and quality. Above all, you will make the overall demo experience for your prospects more interactive and personalized.

4. Direct prospects toward key actions

Once you have finally guided prospects to the aha moment, it is time to showcase the rest of your product’s features. When doing a live demo, you should prioritize the top features based on their importance in retaining your prospects. Nothing is even worse than not being able to discuss your product during the demo properly.

Use a sophisticated online software demo to highlight the best features of your SaaS product. You can walk through your prospects in the platform in the most seamless way using this software. The tool helps you in many ways, like nudging your prospects in the right direction and continuously improving demo effectiveness.

5. Greet new prospects with the warmest welcome

Adding a human touch to your sales cycle should be a must. Your live demo is a good opportunity to show off the human side of your SaaS brand to your prospects. Ensure your sales reps have the best greetings and introductions during the live demo.

Teach them to be creative, stand out, and not show off as creepy, awkward, or inappropriate. To get the prospect’s attention right away, ensure the greetings are formal but with a delightful tone.

6. Use storytelling to draw a vision

Everyone appreciates a good story, and so as your prospects. So, why not open your live demo with one? We already mentioned giving them the warmest greetings. Make sure to tell a good, simple story while giving a demo. Nothing kills a sales demo like a product pitch right from the very start.

If you want to focus on introducing the product details, you may risk your prospects will tune out. So, make sure to craft the perfect story for your demo.

7. Demonstrate the best solutions

While showcasing the best features of your software solution is crucial, as we previously mentioned, it is equally important to showcase how your software can solve your prospect’s pain points. The purpose is to provide solutions and help them teach their business goals.

The ideal flow of your live demo should start with the pain points before any topic can begin. And for each pain point, a particular feature of your product should resolve it. Focus on the most crucial features to demonstrate a perfect solution to your prospect’s problem.

8. Do talk about the next steps

Your live demo was a success. Now what? Keep on following up. If you follow up, the prospects will likely consider your product and eventually become paying customers. Successful sales reps know all the details of their steps, especially the prospect’s decision-making process. If you neglect the next steps during the first call, your rate will downsize, and you do not want that, right? Thus, before wrapping up, identify your prospect’s exact needs to move the deal forward.

Decide on a particular time when to connect next. Your next steps can be discussing the quote, setting up another demo, or speaking further with your team.




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