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8 Great SaaS Growth Tools to Help Your Business Grow

There is not a single SaaS company that does not want to thrive and grow. As a SaaS business owner, you agree, right? It is the nature of the business. So, are you doing something beneficial for the growth of your business? Are you using the right tools to grow your company?

Know that achieving sustainable and consistent growth requires using the right tools. And that is the query – which SaaS tools are the best? What software programs and platforms should you hoard for your growth stack?

That is what you will find out in this blog post. By the end of the blog, you will discover the best SaaS growth tools you should use to scale up your business and increase your audience reach.


What is SaaS Growth Anyway?


Any business wants to grow and scale. Yet what does it mean to scale and grow in practical terms?

The term, SaaS Growth, refers to the capacity to run your business successfully to keep your client base and ROI growing. It is a list of small and crucial steps that can bring you closer to getting more and more clients consistently month after month.

These steps range from exposing more target prospects to your SaaS products, getting more traffic to the website, delivering great demo presentations, and convincing prospects to try your software to activation, conversion, customer feedback, customer retention, and more.

Next is measuring your overall progress. You can track your progress through these metrics:

  • Revenue churn
  • Activation rate
  • Customer churn
  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Cost of Acquiring Customer (CAC)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

And most importantly, you have to take advantage of all the tools that contribute to your company’s growth – which we will cover later.


What to Look for When It Comes to SaaS Growth Tools?


To put it simply, how do you pick the right tools for your SaaS business? 

Here are some factors you need to consider:

1. The tools you choose must solve a particular issue in your business

All the necessary tools for your stack pile must have a unique use case. There is no need to use a particular tool only because other companies use it, and you need to consider the ones that can add up to your growth metrics.

Map out the needs of your SaaS business and create a list of all types of SaaS tools that can help you grow your start-up.

2. Your target tools must also integrate with one another

Before adding tools to your stack, look at their integrations with your existing techs. Determine if it is easier to integrate your data with other tools. Does the tool help you merge it seamlessly? Once you confirm the integrations, observe the ease of set-up. Is it easier to use it? Does your SaaS team need training?

3. The tools must specialize in SaaS businesses exclusively

There is a ton of tools out there that specialize in SaaS business. These tools are specifically designed to resolve some of your biggest pain points and include features tailored to your needs.

If possible, make use of tools that can address common SaaS challenges.


Tools You Need to Consider for Your SaaS Growth


Here is a list of ten SaaS products ideal for improving your growth. All tools have unique cases tailored to help you cover various areas of success and growth for your business.

1. – A top-tier interactive demo software solution 

Best for: Giving a great live demo experience to your prospects is a demo software tool built specifically for SaaS businesses. This demo tool allows you to go above and beyond the traditional sales presentation, and this enables you to deliver purpose-built demos that directly match your target prospects’ needs.

With, you can:

  • Deliver demos easier on a more personalized level because of how modular this software demo is.
  • Tailor your product demos to your prospect’s use case accordingly.
  • Possess the ability to switch to virtual environments, change configurations and settings, add new users, and more.
  • Visualize all the data you collected because of its specialized features.

2. Akita

Best for: customer success

This provides many customer success features to help you grow your SaaS. You can create customer segments, monitor customer health, automate workflows, and manage your tasks in one interface. It also notifies you if the customer is upselling to take relevant actions or is close to churning. Anytime, you can review designated scores and receive updates in your inbox.

Akita integrates with many help desks, billing, and CRM to help you support your customer’s needs.

3. SEMrush

Best for: Managing your organic growth

SEMrush is a popular and widely used tool for organic marketing growth. You can use it to grow your website traffic with SEO, social media, and content marketing in one place. Some of its key features include:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Market Research
  • Advertising
  • Social Media

4. Unbounce

Best for: Launching dedicated landing pages

When it comes to designing landing pages to communicate the right message to the right audience, you can trust Unbounce. Create and optimize landing pages in a couple of minutes and reach various segments of your target audience. Unbounce provides many templates and drag-and-drop features that make customization easier for you.

5. Piperdrive

Best for: Sales CRM, pipeline management

Piperdrive helps you manage your pipeline and grow overall sales by making the most of your CRM. You can automate your tasks, set objectives, create customizable reports, and customize your pipeline to tailor them to your SaaS needs. In addition, your sales team can utilize it to communicate the overall progress to the rest of the company.

Instead of focusing on your end goals to boost your sales, Piperdrive helps you focus more on the actions that can get you there.


Best for: Project management, more improved productivity

For sure, there are a lot of project management tools you can access out there. But, is a superb tool for organizing different tasks and teams. This platform is flexible, and it is easier for you to plan, organize, and monitor your team’s work in one place.

7. Zapier

Best for: Automation

There is no more powerful automation tool you can access today than Zapier. This tool particularly helps you to unify your tool stack via various triggers.

Let’s say you use many applications to streamline your workflow and make daily work easier without using a single code.

8. FullStory

Best for: User journey optimization and digital experience intelligence

This digital experience platform will give you a detailed overview of how users engage with your SaaS products. It helps you drive growth by fully optimizing a user journey to reduce friction, understanding your users’ pain points, and then accessing valuable customer experience data to communicate with your team.

You can also use FullStory to learn and discover engagement patterns and improve growth by analyzing real-user sessions.


And There You Have It…..


Eight tools you can add to your stack and help your SaaS business continually grow.

Another pro tip we want to share – write down all the different use cases you need that are tailored to your current pain points, try out the tools mentioned above, and find out the ones that work best for your SaaS workflows and operations.

Best of luck!

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