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6 Product Demo Best Practices for Your SaaS Sales Team

As a SaaS sales manager, you spend resources and time making sure that your sales team becomes champions of value-based selling, demonstrating your software products in the best way possible.

You build a sales playbook that best highlights your product’s value proposition and unique selling points and tailors your messaging to your target client’s personas. In addition, you invest time in training your SaaS team, instructing them on sales presentation strategies, and guiding them through your playbook. By the end of the training, you expect them to know the nitty-gritty of SaaS demo presentation and selling.

The cycle continues. You will analyze the process more, examining whether or not every element of the process is effective. Doing so will continue to advance and enhance your team’s strengths. Look easy, right? It sounded like it, but the truth is the whole process is never easy.

In this blog post, we will present to you some of the best SaaS demo practices and approaches that are very applicable to your SaaS Sales Team.


Why Is It Difficult to Conduct Remote Software Demos and Sales?


Conducting demos and showcasing the product’s value propositions is tricky, and it has never been easy. There are a lot of factors you need to consider when discussing value-based selling to your teams. However, we will focus more on seller cognitive overload – the largest issue every SaaS sales team has ever faced.

To deliver the most compelling software demo presentation, you and your sales team should pay attention to the growing number of elements.

  • Is your entire team following the right demo practices that top sellers are currently using? If not, it should not come as a surprise if you lose out on potential clients and revenue.
  • As a sales manager, you must keep up with new features and ensure each member of your SaaS team is fully aware of the latest additions to the product software. They should know how to be their best when presenting a demo to the prospects and delivering them effectively.
  • Do your sales reps properly research target clients before demoing, having a micro and macro understanding of every company and the verticals they tend to operate?
  • Are your sales reps personalizing every value proposition according to the persona of the target prospects they are communicating with? Are they also able to react to prospects’ questions in real-time?

All details and questions above have to be determined and prepared in a short period of time for a more effective value-based selling.  


Reduce the Overload with These Software Demo Best Practices


To cope with bad demos, you must develop methods to lessen the pressure. Get started with the best practices cited below:


1. Improve your playbook structure

Your actual sales playbook must have a natural flow that makes it easier for your sales reps to understand and relay to the prospects. You might add a unique theme and storyline to help your team visualize how and why your SaaS products and platform best suit their needs.

But if your playbook comprises many talking points, like more than five, it might irritate your messaging.

2. Score every product demo presentation

By scoring your SaaS demos, you will have much better visibility regarding what works and does not. Therefore, doing so can help you and your SaaS team measure demo quality and determine which are most successful, resulting in clear best practices for your product demos.

The more you work on every element of your demo, and the more your sales reps can improve their pitching style and eliminate their overloads from demo to demo.

3. Determine your demo delivery KPIs (Keyword Performance Indicators)

Scoring is just the starting point, and KPIs are a key to a much better understanding of changing your demos by figuring out what works best. You then start asking yourself a list of questions, like:

  • Do the short demos affect the closed/win rates?
  • Is the prospect being presented with more than two demos most likely to become a satisfied and happy client?
  • Is the sales rep who exerts more effort can sell more compared to others?

The above data is valuable when creating a new sales playbook or adding a new sales rep to your team. But before you answer the questions, the right information must be collected first. Data, especially what has been presented, can help you enhance your SaaS team consistency and customer feedback, focus more on high-impact features and monitor tracks, and collect demo gaps more effectively.

Scoring demos alongside assessing different aspects of your demo sales presentation will yield a much simpler, more concise sales playbook with a higher demo win rate.

4. Simplify your Sales Rep responsibilities with Interactive demo software

You and your team must properly keep track of critical business information. Make sure you are utilizing remote sales technologies that make the demo simpler and seamless. A common issue for any sales team is missing information due to time-consuming data inputting. This is the pain point, particularly in the demo stage, that can only be solved using the right demo technology.

Today’s SaaS demo technologies are very effective in resolving repetitive tasks that can consume valuable time during the demo, time that can be put to better use.

5. Make the demo a conversation

Making the demo funnel a one-way conversation is one of SaaS representatives’ biggest pitfalls. The key to drawing in prospects is continuously engaging with them and listening to their wants, needs, and concerns. When you have a conversation with your prospects, ask them what they plan on using your SaaS product and what they expect to see from your software in the future.

A prospect will see more sincerity and integrity when you ask such direct questions. It only shows that you or your sales rep are true to your service and are concerned about them.

6. Keep a higher level of professionalism across the board

In every single SaaS organization, there is always one that stands out – the sales rep who outperforms and surpasses others and is the go-to for every situation. Taking advantage of this sales rep as a prime example of “Excellent Demos” is very important. Ensure that others on your SaaS team mimic this sales rep while not compromising their unique tone and approach. It is a difficult but very rewarding task.

Also, determine the most challenging steps for your top Sales rep to reach their level. You can then create easy-to-consume information packages for your new Sales representatives to follow. Let’s say it is a technical sale, and the new reps require access to all questions. Perhaps, it might be the use of relevant customer stories and industry language that can position them as the subject matter experts.


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