5 Reasons Why You Must Offer a Software Demo of Your SaaS Product

5 Reasons Why You Must Offer a Software Demo of Your SaaS Product

Most of the SaaS companies nowadays offer a freemium version or free trial version of their products as a way to convert prospects to buyers. However, in many cases, most of these prospects never pull the trigger. One factor is that conversions for free trials drift only for around 25%. Worst, it even takes a long time for people to experience the value of the SaaS product.

Offering free trials can hurt your business in so many ways. This makes more sense to adopt the proven and true technique of modern tech sales – the demo.

Let’s take a look at why your SaaS business should offer a software demo instead of a free trial to potential clients and how to get started with interactive demo software.

  1. Learn More About Your Market

People who choose a live demo are more motivated to devote their time to you. Today, take it as a serious buying sign. These people best represent your target prospects and ideal customer. Delivering a demo can give you the opportunity to understand their needs, priorities, requirements, and pain points. By gathering all of this information, you will learn more about your market, allowing you to know more about your ideal customers.

  1. Build a relationship

Any user never chooses to interact with a person until they need tech support. This is true for a lot of SaaS businesses today. So, while your services and products become more complex, the purchasing decisions get even more confusing and complex.

However, with a demo, you can start a personal relationship with your current prospects. You will best guide them as they move along towards the sales journey. Make it easier with a browser-based demonstration software. 

This demo tool can help you navigate the entire presentation process in the most unified way, making it easier for your prospects to follow you through.

  1. Build a market

The SaaS companies have this known reputation for building new markets, particularly addressing the needs that no one had thought about and done before. However, market creators have to convince people more to solve problems with a new approach. Being a SaaS business owner, you have to be an effective market creator too. But how can you successfully become one?

Apart from having the knowledge and skillset, you need to focus more on your sales presentation strategies. Under this section is how to best deliver your demo. With a demo, you can showcase the latest innovations, including yours. This motivates your target prospects to purchase your SaaS products and adopt new strategies.

For one good example, Demostory.io makes a live demo to help SaaS sales reps deliver a great demo experience.

  1. Prove your SaaS product solves the main problems

People will come to you with a list of pain points they are trying to amend. In a demo, you can uncover these pain points and show prospects exactly how your SaaS product to address it. And unlike a free trial in which your customers focus mainly on function and features, a perfectly delivered demo helps them explore ways your SaaS product changes their lives. This is a much stronger motivation to purchase.

But how can you possibly deliver a great live demo? Here you should consider using a demonstration software tool. This helps you focus more on your prospect’s immediate needs and features rather than the unnecessary ones. This software is one that can successfully blend these two major points.

  1. Own your niche

Your SaaS company can be intensely successful competing in a crowded space if you tend to focus on your niche. But real success in a niche depends largely on owning a big share of that sub-market. So, how can you occupy a space in the market? A demo can help you with it. It helps you position against your biggest competitors and even differentiate your products and services as a top, higher-end option. This makes you more compete on value and not price.

Five Fundamental Benefits of Software Product Demos


We have already cited above some critical reasons why you need to offer a live demo to your prospects. But how to get started with your demo? And how can you best deliver it? This is where online software demonstrations really come in handy. A software product demo is a fantastic way to check out and present your SaaS product in the most detailed way. Below, we have listed some of the most important yet overlooked benefits of the software demo tools.

  1. You can see the software in action

There is nothing the same as the real thing! Yet, with a software demo tool, you will be given a chance to see an actual SaaS product put into action. Rather than anything else, you will get the chance to witness firsthand how intuitive the software tool is to use. You will also get to know some of the common approaches and processes of this software.

From editing tab names and colors to give visual cues to your prospects to saving various demo setups as shortcuts, and launching with one click, this software demo allows you to see the features in a more lifelike and seamless way.

  1. Work around your schedule

Perhaps, one of the best advantages of online software demos is their flexibility. And since they are hosted online via screen share, they only take a couple of minutes to set up. You can even choose from a list of times accessible to book one around your schedule.

  1. The Customize features to meet your prospect’s requirements

 The demo software tool closely meets the use case of your prospects. Do your part and ask questions to your prospects. The demo software will do its part by highlighting the features and functions of your SaaS product. There could be a lot of nuances along the way, however, the software provides a solution that meets your prospect’s requirements. The usefulness of this software tool is beyond what you expect.

  1. A Vision of value

You must have a better understanding of the net value of what your software generates for your target prospects. Ask why relevant goals are important to them, their path to goal achievements, and their KPIs. A sales demo software can help you create and present a much clearer vision of the value to your prospects, linking to your goal of success.

  1. Built-in Trust

There is this technical value market with your target prospects. These prospects of yours will place a significant value on having the most sophisticated software on the market. The psychological value of a certain software demo tool is based on warranties, service, and a trusted brand name.

Your target customers will purchase the SaaS product that makes them feel better and most comfortable about their operations and processes.

Your Best Virtual Demo Software – Demostory.io


If you are looking for the best way to start your software demo, look no further. Demostory.io shows how every single thing is done. This software demo is built on the Chrome platform and encompasses all of the sophisticated technical features that deliver a great demo experience.

Enter the live demo, and this software will do its part. Demostory.io will be able to show off your SaaS product’s most important features in a couple of seconds, making it easier for your prospects to see how they can integrate this tool with their respective teams and customers.

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